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Video analytics for groups and depths

I have written previously about the great potential for AI to remove some of the drudgery that has to date been a part of any thorough piece of qualitative research. Today I want to share a great example of what you can do today to leverage this brave new world of AI+Qual.

The Digital Studio is my focus group venue. I created it because I knew that group rooms were ripe for disruption. 

Now we’ve pared up with VoxPopMe to offer video analytics to group (or depth interview) recordings.

Let’s look at what this means and what the benefits are.

  • Group recordings are uploaded to the VoxPopMe platform
  • They get sent off for human transcribing 
  • Timestamps are attached (this is crucial, it allows the magic to happen)
  • Around 24 hours later, you can analyse all of your fieldwork using tools like:
    • Theme analysis – themes are automatically identified. You can click to view the related pieces of video and transcript around those themes
    • Sentiment analysis – overlay this across your themes, your keywords or entire pieces of video to get quick insight into the positives or negatives of a given topic
    • Tag each piece of fieldwork to cross-reference differences by themes, keywords, lists
    • As you view your snippets using these tools – easily click to add to a list. Then your snippets in those lists can be automatically dropped into separate videos to share or download – with the ability to easily add commentary slides, images and more to produce impressive summary videos on any topic you like in minutes

The of paring these two new industry innovations is a major step forward for our industry. It could completely transform how groups and depths can be shared, stored and reported.

If you think this might be of interest to someone you know who runs or commissions groups, please share it with them. 

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