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We have teamed up with Vox Pop Me to bring a new level of insight to your focus groups and depth interviews. By combining our unique HD video with active-speaker tracking with Vox Pop Me’s Video Explore you get a human time-coded transcript with a range of powerful video analytic tools. Price is per recorded hour of video.


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Theme Explorer

Powered by AI, easily explore the themes that emerge through analysis of the transcript and click to see the points in the video where the theme is discussed. Add to lists to create simple video summaries.

Sentiment Analysis

Overlay sentiment to group and view positive, negative and neutral commentary overall and within themes and keywords


The process starts with a human transcribing the group and attaching time stamps. You can explore and edit the transcript within the Vox Pop Me platform, or copy and paste into an external document

Video Summaries

This feature needs to be seen to be believed. Create video edits of your themes, key words and/or sentiments, add text slides and images in a snap and export, share, or download to add to your presentation


Generate a word cloud for a single group, or all groups in your project (or even across multiple projects). Click on each word to see all the video relevant to that theme


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