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Build insight into consumer behaviour through online discussions and tasks.

Pay a 25% deposit per item


We have been pioneering online qualitative research since our inception.

Online qualitative research attempts to bridge gaps of geography and time to build insight into consumer behaviour through online discussions and tasks. They can be shared or individual.

Importantly online qualitative research allows us to engage with consumers on their terms and in their normal setting: at home, work, in store and where ever their mobile devices take them. The fact that 80% of us now have a smart phone and that most digital interactions are now done on a mobile device brings us many new exciting opportunities.

Online qualitative research can be done as a part of a broader study or on its own.

Like our traditional qualitative methods we recommend an online methodology based on a solid foundation of:

  • Fit with objectives
  • Great sample design
  • The use of the best technology to deliver a positive experience for respondents and clients
  • Anchored in understanding behaviours as well as attitudes
  • Timely
  • And ensuring respondents are well recruited and properly compensated

We are constantly trialling new solutions which are easy and natural for respondents to engage with as a part of their day to day life with a focus on mobile.

  • Online forums
  • Online focus groups
  • Video diaries
  • Video questionnaires
  • Shopper tasks
  • Communities
  • Geo-triggered mobile apps
  • Consumption diaries
  • Wearable and inhome cameras
  • Vox pops

These are designed specifically for each project. Prices from range from $1000 – $15,000 for multi-day moderated forums


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Additional information

Study design

Each project is different. We design the sample around first understanding the business and research objectives


We design the sample into hetrogeneous groups with defined criteria and recruit the participants. We usually recruit 8 per session.


Our group fees are usually inclusive of incentives for participants – around $80 – $120 per participant, more for specialists.


Our senior qualitative researchers moderate the session according to the agreed discussion guide.


Our costs usually include a software fees from providers we trust to provide secure, easy to use tools

Analysis & reporting

We analyse the responses, text and images. Our reports are typically Powerpoint style and include video snippets from the groups, findings and recommendations. We present the deck to the project team and stakeholders

Ongoing consultation

We frequently re-present to different stakeholder groups, attend strategy sessions and are generally available to discuss ideas and implications that emerge from the research


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