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A complete package of immersions conducted by your team with your customers. We take care of the logistical process and ensures your team is properly prepared to get the most of the day, and ensure insights infiltrate business decision making.

Pay a 25% deposit per item


Consumer immersion missions are one of the best ways for marketers to get close to consumers and walk in their shoes. They enable marketers to spend a day in consumers’ homes, or in store to understand their lives and mindsets; how they spend their time; what inspires them and their purchasing choices.
To make the most of this experience marketers need to be trained to ask the right questions and to tune in to things in their consumer’s environment which will give them the answers they need. They also need to ensure they comply with privacy laws.
By inhabiting the lives of their consumers businesses of all sizes are able to build a connection between the way they think, what they value and how to market to them.
By understanding their concerns and working out how category ‘super consumers’ (who spend more and are more involved in each category) are changing behaviours, they can predict future trends. By observing how they use their products their team can understand how to innovate effectively to grow market share.
Our program costs are inclusive of set up, preparation of discussion guide, training session, recruitment, incentives, communication with team members and respondents, workshop template and creation of secure website where the learnings are stored. The package includes 15 consumer immersions (5 teams of 2 each doing 3 interviews )
Optional extras:
Additional Interviews We understand that the final number of interviews will depend on the size of your team. Simply add or reduce accordingly $200 per interview
Post fieldwork workshop facilitation $1,000
Have one of our senior moderators join one of your teams for 3 interviews $1,500
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We start with a kick-off meeting (or video call) with the project owner to discuss the business needs and challenges and ideals from the program
We agree on the key themes and focus for the each stage
We agree on the recruitment criteria which defines the right mix of customers to participate
We agree on the team members who will participate. This typically includes the marketing team and agency staff, but can also include senior management right up to the CEO who invariably love the experience of this one to one customer interaction
We agree which locations will be included and work through logistics
The project owner blocks out a full day from the diaries of the team members who will be participating, as well as a 2 hour block for training and briefing

Set Up

We write a discussion guide which is shared with the project owner to build and refine
We provide an explanation of the program and process to be shared with the team members who will be participating
We take care of recruitment, and communicate with the respondents
We set up a calendar of appointments and locations
We send a series of emails to help the team prepare for the day
The day before, we run a training session where the team are trained in how conduct the interviews and use the discussion guide. They are also trained on observing behaviours and picking up environmental cues, and their privacy obligations to the consumers

Day in the Field

The team go out in pairs to meet their customers
They have the time to listen, chat, observe with up to one hour for each visit
They are trained in how to take notes, photographs and videos, and listen
We manage the incentives and capture signed authority forms from participants
After 2-3 visits the team join up together for a final workshop to share learnings. No-one is to return to the office where attention is immediately distracted.
We generally advise visits to different consumers in at least two different geographic areas and come to a genuine understanding of different consumers’ worlds

Shared Learning

After the fieldwork, the project leader facilitates a workshop using our template, to ensure the learnings go beyond the superficially interesting, to get to the ‘so what’ that lies behind this. The structure ensures that the areas of commonality and difference are captured, so that insights are gained from the whole, and not just the 2-3 consumers that each team meets. If you prefer, we can facilitate this for you
We follow up with each team member to capture all their notes, photos and videos
We set up a secure website where these are shared. It is a valuable marketing resource which lives on well beyond the day in field
We close the loop with the project owner to re-visit the hypotheses and capture action items for the next wave of customer immersion program


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