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A pre-recruited set of homgeneous groups lasting 1.5-2 hours (sometimes longer) which uncover a range of opinions, perspectives and an opportunity to explore emotional as well as rational drivers to behaviour.

Pay a 25% deposit per item


Focus groups (also called group discussions) are a great way of uncovering a complete picture of consumer behaviour. They remain our preferred methodology for arriving at a deep insight into why people do what they do.

Whilst we spend some time exploring what people do/think/believe, the real purpose is ultimately to understand why. Because when you know why people do what they do – buy a brand, use a product, hold a point of view, then you can better influence them. Ultimately the point of most groups (and research studies for that matter) is to influence their behaviour – to buy a product, to desire a brand, to recommend a store.

What you don’t want to use focus groups for is to simply conduct market research to get a description of how many people do/buy/believe – that’s where we use surveys.

Contrary to popular opinion or as the name ‘focus’ might suggest, groups are about uncovering the range of different opinions, experiences behaviours of the target audience. It’s not about arriving at a single concensus. Running a group is a small part of the service, the real value comes in interpreting the findings and putting these differences into a framework that makes sense. Read through the attributes to understand what’s provided in our service.

Most qualitative studies are based on 4 or more groups.

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Additional information

Study design

Each project is different. We design the sample around first understanding the business and research objectives


We design the sample into homogenous groups with defined criteria and recruit the participants. We usually recruit 8 per session.


Our group fees are usually inclusive of incentives for participants – around $80 – $120 per participant, more for specialists.


Our senior qualitative researchers moderate the session according to the agreed discussion guide.


We host the group in our venue for no additional cost where it can be viewed in situ from our viewing room, or remotely via live streaming. For groups outside of Melboure we arrange this and on-charge the cost.

Analysis & reporting

We get a transcript of each group and analyse the findings. Our reports are typically Powerpoint style and include video snippets from the groups, findings and recommendations. We present the deck to the project team and stakeholders

Ongoing consultation

We frequently re-present to different stakeholder groups, attend strategy sessions and are generally available to discuss ideas and implications that emerge from the research


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