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One on one discussions with consumers, experts or shoppers – conducted by a senior moderator

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Depth interviews are one on one discussions with consumers, experts or shoppers – conducted by a senior moderator. Like a focus group, but in an individual setting.

The method provides an opportunity for detailed undestanding around behaviours and decision making. Moving beyond the general what-and-why of the subject matter to true understanding where and how the decision is made and therefore where and how the target can be reached and influenced.

We usually recommend depth interviews when:

  • Subject matter is personal and consumers are unlikely to share fully in a group setting
  • It is a category where idiosyncratic differences are at play
  • The topic is highly indvidual rather than shared – for example to understand where and how someone consumes print, social or online media or apps
  • To understand major purchases – where the buyer journey can be spread across hours, days, weeks or even months and there is a need to understand each stage in order to understand where you brand, service or business can reach them. This involves sensitive probing to move beyond superficiality
  • For business people where the discussion is commercially sensitive
  • The target is difficult to reach and the logistics of convening a group are problematic
  • We are exploring reaction to printed or written material – including exploration of a Customer Value Proposition (CVP) where we need to ensure each element is explored and optimised

They are conducted:

  • In our venue where we can record and live stream to remote viewers
  • In home to understand the family and in-home dynamics and environment
  • In office or the field when talking to business people or experts
  • In cafes adjacent to shopping areas
  • In store to understand shopping behaviour (we call these ‘accompanied shops’)

Most studies require 8 + interviews

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Additional information

Study design

Each project is different. We design the sample around first understanding the business and research objectives


We design the sample with defined criteria and recruit the participants. We usually recruit 1 per session but sometime we run double depths (2 respondents) or triads (3).


Our fees are usually inclusive of incentives for participants – around $80 – $120 per participant, more for specialists.


Our senior qualitative researchers moderate the session according to the agreed discussion guide.


We host the group in our venue for no additional cost where it can be viewed in situ from our viewing room, or remotely via live streaming or where appropriate we go to the respondents home, local store, cafe or workplace.

Analysis & reporting

We get a transcript of each interview and analyse the findings. Our reports are typically Powerpoint style and include de-identified verbatim comments from the interviews, findings and recommendations. We present the deck to the project team and stakeholders

Ongoing consultation

We frequently re-present to different stakeholder groups, attend strategy sessions and are generally available to discuss ideas and implications that emerge from the research


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