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One on one discussions conducted by a senior moderator

Pay a 25% deposit per item


Depth interviews are one on one discussions conducted by a senior moderator. Like a focus group, but in an individual setting. They typically last 45-60 minutes.

For business to business clients, understanding their market has unique challenges. Corporate or business clients are unlikely to be found on databases or panels, and it is difficult to get a robust enough sample for a statistically valid survey. And of course, they are less likely to respond to a survey unless is it short and highly relevant. Their time is valuable.

But, they are likely to accept to an invitation to a depth interview if we can ensure the following criteria:

  • The topic is relevant to them
  • They are offered an appropriate gift or incentive. Usually a premium bottle of wine, a donation to charity, and in some circumstances, cash or gift card
  • We visit them in their office
  • We are accommodating of their time and diary. Going to see them at a time that suits their schedule, not ours
  • We offer confidentiality. That is, they understand that their feedback will be aggragated in a report and their individual comments will not be attributed to them. In most cases, we do not tell our clients who we have spoken to
  • The interaction is a positive one for them. This is about our senior moderators having the experience, maturity and business nouse to have a meaningful conversation rather than an interviewer asking questions and recording answers

Most studies require 8 + interviews

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Additional information

Study design

Each project is different. We design the sample around first understanding the business and research objectives


We design the sample with defined criteria and recruit the participants. We usually recruit 1 per session but sometime we run double depths (2 respondents) or triads (3).


Our fees are usually inclusive of incentives for participants – around $80 – $120 per participant, more for specialists.


Our senior qualitative researchers moderate the session according to the agreed discussion guide.


We host the group in our venue for no additional cost where it can be viewed in situ from our viewing room, or remotely via live streaming or where appropriate we go to the respondents home, local store, cafe or workplace.

Analysis & reporting

We get a transcript of each interview and analyse the findings. Our reports are typically Powerpoint style and include de-identified verbatim comments from the interviews, findings and recommendations. We present the deck to the project team and stakeholders

Ongoing consultation

We frequently re-present to different stakeholder groups, attend strategy sessions and are generally available to discuss ideas and implications that emerge from the research


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