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How to avoid Ground Hog Day with video analytics

I’ve been working with a client recently to go back to some projects we’ve done over the last 12 months and re-analyse the group videos.

The idea came about because they said that they wanted to conduct some research quickly to answer a question which I knew we had covered before. As is often the case, teams had moved on and the current crop of stakeholders and insights team members were unaware of what had gone before them.

So I suggested that rather than commission new research, we uploaded 16 hours of video from 8 groups I’d run for them only 12 months earlier into VoxPopMe’s video analytics platform. These groups were exploratory and far-ranging with relevant learnings for the business which extended beyond the focus of the business at the time.

The groups were recorded in our Digital Studio so were of high quality.

For around the cost of one focus group they now have a searchable library of content that they can dip into when questions come their way from within the business. In a matter of minutes, they can find discussions that have taken place around a topic or theme and then put together simple but impressive video reels around these themes.

This has a number of benefits from everyone involved:

  • It allows the insights team to deliver useable qualitative insight in a matter of hours rather than days or weeks
  • It leverages a well under-utilised resource of hours of relevant discussion with customers and prospects that are never fully captured in the initial report
  • It is far more cost effective than reinventing the wheel
  • For me as the researcher, it puts more of my work in front of very senior stakeholders
  • And working as a team I find it deeply satisfying knowing that research budget is being spent on answering new challenges for the business rather than continually being asked to answer questions that have been covered before

This is why developments in qualitative research, video analytics and artificial intelligence are so interesting. We can avoid Ground Hog Day moments and respond to the needs of the business whilst making use of all of those great but incidental learnings that emerge through qualitative research.

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