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Do you even need a report?

Here is what I’ve learned about qualitative research presentations. People love attending them, they cannot wait to hear what you have learned and what it means. They are usually followed with lots of what’s next? and what if? conversations.

But I also get the feeling that there is a bit of groan when someone isn’t able to attend the debrief and they click on a link to the presentation and they’re faced with an 80 slide deck.  

People don’t like to read anymore (if they ever did). And on top of this, presentations are not meant to be ‘read’. They are supposed to support the narrative of the researcher who is telling the story of the insights and what they mean.

This has been a problem without a solution for some time. But now a solution may well exist in video analytics. I can see at least three possibilities for the use of high-quality video of qualitative research:

  1. As a replacement to a report, clients can view curated summaries of the research as put together by the researcher. This theoretically could replace the report if your researcher has done the analysis and thinking to put this together. It can contact specific clips, headlines, images and chapters. I’d be willing to bet its impact would be greater and its shelf life longer than a traditional PowerPoint deck.
  2. As a value-add in addition to a traditional report/deck. Once the thinking is done, it’s a snap for the researcher to pull together a beautiful video summary.
  3. And the final idea is something altogether new. No report, no analysis (by the researcher). Instead, a cheaper and faster way to get the findings. In the same way that many clients now do their own quant research and tinker around with data and spreadsheets and Tableau, they can now play with the findings of the research via video analytics. Searching for their own insight, putting together videos summaries that reflect the changing needs of a business. It becomes a useable resource which is referenced well beyond the report. So buy the expertise of an external researcher to design, recruit and run the fieldwork in a Digital Studio and then over to the client to do the analysis. 

What do you think? If you’d like to see a sample of that this might look like, please get in touch.

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