AI in Qualitative Research

Artificial Intelligence in Qualitative Research

We are the proud recipicient of the ESOMAR Global Innovation in Research award from the 2018 AMSRS Annual Conference for our work in AI for Qualitative Research

Why use AI

It's a brave new world. And we are at the forefront.

Artificial Intelligence  is embedded in countless aspects of our home life and work days and increasingly informs how we shop and interact with brands. It is embedded in our cars, phones, speakers, in PowerPoint and Gmail and helps us to literally navigate through life and traffic. When it works best it offers us the potential to free us from tedious work and free us to think and create. 

It is only going to increase in relevance. 

As qualitative researchers we do not always have the time, permission or budget to do all the exploratory work we'd like to do which is why we are are investing in the development of tools that can make our work not just easier and faster, but also enable us to conduct research in a way which aligns with every changing community expectations.

Photo, video, transcripts, voice

Our group room features automatic voice tracking. This automatically focuses the recording on the person speaking - like having a videographers in the group room, but less intrusive.

Photos and videos are a natural part of qualitative work . We now analyse these with the  use of our custom developed photo and video analysis tools. It means analysis takes minutes instead of days. And we can surface insights which would have previously lost. 

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Our developments are built on powerful cloud constructs applying lessons learned in AI over the last 10 years. They will grow, adapt, learn and improve over time as they are exposed to more data.  If your organisation wants to benefit from gaining insight from data, it is important to consider the role of qualitative data. Talk to us to find out what's possible. 

  • AI supermarket label

  • AI video keywords

  • AI video transcript

  • AI ocr

  • AI sentiment

We have two exciting AI tools in development

Research Clients

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Academics and Nerds

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